Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Paparazzi Lifestyle


The first time I ever went to an airport I was six and the excitement was so great that I puked at school that day. I remember with awe walking into the terminal seeing the planes take off and land. It was a magical place....
Now it is a hunting ground, a forest filled with celebrity prey. Papping at an airport has taken all the magic from the place. Where once was awe is now replaced with annoyance. 

When you pap being at an airport is awful, because the place is crawling with both civilians and more importantly cops. And cops love nothing more then to give a hard working honest pap a rude experience. Add in a bunch of foreign paps with backpacks who just look suspicious and the airport becomes a circus environment to shoot. 

Gang bangs at the airport are especially interesting cause nothing generates more good will from the police then 20 paps encircling a celeb and following for what seems like forever

The celebrities themselves must hate flying. Flying to them has become an inescapable retreat, because no one likes to be filmed when they get off a plane. Years ago they could get smashed up there, make the flight go quickly, land get their bags and joyfully get home, but today how can they get trashed when they know the paparazzi horde await them at arrival. The looks the passengers give to the men with cameras as they get off the plane is priceless, it's like they are staring at dozens of child pervs waiting at the school bus drop off.

The worst airport shooting though is in the early morning. There are not many if any other paps there, so to start off you feel like a stalker waiting at the airport for your target. A hitman with a name and face, but the place is half empty. So your actions are closely watched and monitored. Big brother has his eyes on you. At 5:30 in the morning not many people are functional, even less so when they know they have a camera pointed at them.


These words were hurled at me by the wife of Buzz Aldrin as I shot the moon man as he and his wife went through the airport. He went to the moon and back, and I'm going to kill him with a video camera and a question.

The real debate is this.....if Buzz does start to die while I shoot him, do I put camera down to help or keep shooting?
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  1. keep rolllinnnnnn!!!! never stop rollin, number one rule for a camera man.