Saturday, June 27, 2009

K-West Girlfriend can bring her Milkshake to my Yard

I love Hip Hop. I love Rap. I even love R & B music. I like all kinds of original music but lately music, lets face it, fuckin sucks right now.

Everything sounds the same and hip hop is dead as Nas called it. But the artist I feel that continues to kill the industry and I don't mean in a good way is the self titled "Louis Vutton Don" Kanye West. What happened to the cool badass names like Tech Nine, Mack 10, or Old Dirty Bastard. The nicknames are about purses or shoes.

This motherfucker has been killing and producing shit ass track ass for the last couple of years and everyone thinks that his a fucking genius. WTF!!!

The last time saw this douche bag was on a Paris runway show, showing off his silver shine suit. Which reminds me of other asshole to first killed the industry and killed a legend, Sean "Pussy" Combs. 

The only thing I like about Kanye West is his hot ass girlfriend, Amber Rose. I don't even have to say anything about her just look at the pictures.

Fuck Kanye!!!

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Do you see the Man in the Mirror?

In fight club they have a great discussion on who, in history, would love to get into a
fight with.

Well in pap circles it isn't who would you like fight with, but what shot would you have
loved to have taken. Think about history being able to take one picture, do you want 
to be at Fords Theater and watch Lincoln die, or sitting in the front seat when JFK gets 
blown away. I always thought the greatest last shot would be a picture of Elvis, sitting 
on the toilet, pants around legs, hunched over dead. He wakes up, takes whatever 
drugs he can, eats a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich goes to take a crap 
and never finishes his number two. An awful way to die for a King, but a wonderful 
last shot.

A day has passed and now the vultures descend upon the legend of Michael Jackson
but in truth the vultures have nothing to pick up, his legend was destroyed years ago 
and what remains is the corpse of a tortured man. So forget Michael, because in 
truth, his death, changes nothing. It's not like we are a nation waiting for his next single, 
I mean MTV doesn't even play videos so who cares. Michael's death has shown us one 
thing...we all suck as a society.

To show you where America is at, do you know what song of MJ's is number one on 
iTUNES....MAN IN MIRROR. That sappy, bullshit, late 80's ballad is the song that most 
people are buying to remember Michael. I am first to admit, Thriller, Off the Wall, that shit 
kicked ass, buy that, but only in this country do we not buy his best work, but the 
sappiest. Also his catalog is probably going to make more money these next few weeks
then they ever could, I mean as a business decision, MJ dying is great for his career.

And yet the media continues to follow this story like it matters. In Iran they say that the
revolution might suffer cause most people have tuned from that to MJ. Yesterday in 
Pakistan we accidentally killed 60 civilians at a funeral when we dropped a bomb on them 
and oh a global climate bill, the first in years, is probably going to go down in defeat and 
yet MJ is all we care about. 

See paps got it right, yesterday was the day, mourn him, try and get the shots, remember 
the man, and then move on. Today paps are roaming the streets for other celebrities, 
doing their job, moving on, and yet the media will cover this story nonstop until he is buried
or cremated, my bet , he being burned up. And yet they do it, because they have an audience. 

Somewhere in middle bum fuck America, Americans are still crying, lighting candles, and 
mourning his death...YOU DIDN'T KNOW HIM. I mean when my Grandma died, I hated her, 
I didn't shed a tear, but I knew her, I was allowed to be sad. Unless Michael took you out to 
dinner for your birthday when you were 13, do you really think you can mourn him? Hey I 
can say Megan Fox is my friend all i want because I've shit her a dozen times, but in truth if 
I die tomorrow she don't care.

Also every celebrity who twitters or releases a statement saying how much Michael was 
there hero, remember that the man paid 20 million dollars to a 14 year old boy and his family 
to not talk. Innocent men don't spend 20 million dollars on pay offs. I mean Charles Manson 
made music too, but it doesn't seem like we play his songs too often. Somewhere there is a 
25 year old kid who has at least 20 million in the bank all for letting MJ play with his nuts, 
god where was he when i was growing up. He could have battered my balls around like ping 
pongs for half that, but we are still missing the point, he paid 20 million to a kid not to say 
what happened. What you think happened there? Think about it, so before we come here to 
praise Brutus, lets know him.

My favorite MJ story is how he fucked Paul McCartney. The two were friends in the 
early 80's working on SAY SAY SAY. MJ asked Paul was business advice and Paul said 
the key to making money, buy catalogs of artists. Paul is worth a billion today, why, because 
he owns Elvis and Buddy Holly music. He has made much more off them then anything the 
Fab Four did, and he was telling Mike this. He also mention that his bands early music was 
coming up for a bid and told Mike he was buying it for this much money.......what does MJ 
do, he goes out and outbids Paul, and swoops in stealing the mans own songs for him. It was 
the BEATLES catalog that built Neverland. Karma my friends, don't fuck with a Beatle.

So the only good out of this death, hopefully Paul gets his own songs back, god knows he 
needs the money.

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WTF- Michael Jackson is Dead but Flavor Flav is Not?

The King of Pop, the Icon, the man. 

Michael "freakin" Jackson passed away early Thursday afternoon with hundreds and hundreds of adoring fans at the UCLA medical center where the singer was brought to  but he was D.O.A (Dead on arrival). 

In the same afternoon, we caught up to Flavor Flav-the old, washed up hip hop star. Now the washed up reality star, that still wears those stupid fuckin clocks around his neck. Hey, Flav, that style went out in the 90s. Maybe, Flavor should check his own clock because his time will come when we will mourn him. Yeah, right!

Michael Jackson passed away but we still have Flavor Flav- it's a sad day in Hell...

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The Last Paparazzi to touch Michael Jackson

The Genius Machine interviewed Carlos the very last paparazzi to touch Michael Jackson in Beverly Hills Friday afternoon check it out
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Which Heroes star came to visit Michael Jackson at the Hospital?

Which Heroes star came to visit Michael Jackson at the Hospital?
Was it Hayden Panettiere or Zachary Quinto?

If you said Zach, then you were right. The Heroes star 
was spotted checking out the scene at the UCLA 
medical center where Michael Jackson died, then went
to get Starbucks.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson- "The Thrill is Gone"

How much you think a shot of Michael Jackson, clutching his heart and falling to the ground would be worth it. Seriously, is that a disturbing thought to have, a little, but sadly that was the first thought that raced through my disturbed brain, but no one said I was human, I am paparazzi.

When a celeb dies you can tell how much a part of pop culture they are by their coverage. I mean I love Ed McMahon and his catchphrase, "here's Johnny" was if nothing else, just a taste of genius(sarcasms kids). But when Ed died there was the normal BS coverage, couple of mentions and by nightfall everyone was talking about the Governor of South Carolina who ran away to Argentina for an affair. This is different, nothing is knocking this story off the top, well nothing short of Bin Laden going to work again in New York. Michael Jackson death is the first pop culture death to happen in the time of a 24 hr paparazzi.

I mean imagine how much the shot of Elvis on the toilet would be, or the shot of John Lennon lying there, dying as Mark David Chapman stands over them, these are retirement shots. Michael jackson
is the last great icon of music to die. Sinatra, Lennon, Presley, and now Jackson but he is the first
to die during the age of paps and thus there are the shots of him in the ambulance, ah retirement.

I have chased Jackson, shot him, talked to him, so he is real to me, he is not some faded
superstar but a guy who goes to the dermatologist once a week, a real human, who once was the King of
Pop, and who if died in 1991 would die only a legend. Sadly, the last 18 years have taken the legend and
made it a sideshow. If he died young, he dies with glory, old age is a curse to legends, it's a curse
to be a genius because with old age, comes the great enemy...time. 

Over time you lose what made you great, it becomes old, you hear BEAT IT or BAD too many times and the stories that you tell become more about, Jesus juice and little boys.  
There were paps who made a living following him each day, and so they will move on to a new legend, but it won't replace Jackson. If Brittany would have died during her crazy period the media would have covered it for days and days, but it would have all been about how crazy she is, how out of control she is, but with Jackson well, you hear talks today about his great music ability, but that will change. the circus is coming...
I remember to this day the day Kurt Cobain died, I was walking into English class in high school when I heard the news. I was a huge Nirvana fan and it saddened me, but I did not feel a loss. I did not have to go to Seattle to pay homage, but I remember a kid in school who drove there. When he returned I asked him why did he go he said,
 "Legends only die once", but that was then. 

Today they die 24 hrs a day all day, on line, streaming feed updated on you tube or the podcast with the information passed along twitter. the real loser today, Iran, no one twittered about their fucked up voting today it was all like "Hey Ashlam are we protesting today-No man MJ dead, protest tomorrow?"
For days we hear more stories, and most of them negative for when you die your enemies finish you for the kill. Sadly, that means only five black celebrities left that are worth money, that the other loser today, the black entertainment world. Other then that the douche bags who are going to the hospital or the house or the wrong star on the walk of fame and spending hours singing his songs, to you I have one thing to say YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY.
Seriously he made great songs in the 80's paid 20 million bucks to a kid in the 90's to not tell his story, and did drugs in the 2000's, do not spend your time crying for him, seriously go volunteer somewhere or better yet, kill yourself, follow Michael to the afterlife where thriller can play all the time.

Cause this Thriller, ain't nothing going to save you from the darkness of this night..

 Posted by Mr McQueen

Here is the last video the King of Pop- Michael Jackson

Here is the very last and very rare video of the greatest of All of Time, Michael Jackson.

We will miss you.

- The Genius Team