Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the Moment

There is a moment...

It could be seconds, or minutes. When you know your prey is walking right into your realm and in that moment.....all the carcus, all the muscles, vessel everything in you pulsates. It's a rush, it's a high, it is the moment and if you ain't felt it, then I couldn't even begin to explain it to you.
When you are a pap your motor, your engine must always go from 0 to 60. When you see that celebrity and know you are about to get that shot, when the celeb doesn't even know you are there, that rush keeps you going. God I sound like a serial killer, but I am not into fat ladies nor making her put the lotion on from the basket.

But you spend so much time waiting as a pap. Waiting is the enemy to any pap and patience , well patience would be it's best ally but god so few have it . 

So you wait, and wait, and wait, and then you know KATHERINE HEIGEL is going to walk out that restaurant and you are there alone.

You are hidden so she has no idea, and you wait, you wait for the moment. Cars drive by and each car could be another pap waiting to jump on your shot, not knowing who is inside but knowing that since you are there, someone is inside worth waiting for. 
So now you wait and hope that you remain unseen. If only you could put a cloak of invisibility around your car, but alas you can't so you wait, and wait knowing that soon Katherine will finish lunch and then, well then she is yours. I wonder if process servers get this rush..sorry just an ADD moment.
And then she walks out....time seems to freeze. All your blood begins to rush, your nerves become quicker, it's like you become a superhero SUPERPAP.

She walks to the VALET and you emerge from your car. She can see you at any moment, but for these few seconds of invisibility you got her. The camera quickly is pulled from your bag still unknown, still you are a ninja a silent prey.  
Your steps are both quick and yet silent as you approach, her back is to you. If you were a hitman your job here would be done, but now, your are a pap. You raise the camera wait for her to turn, to see you. She slowly turns and her eyes, oh that look in their eyes when realize they are on camera.

Whether they give it up or not after that doesn't matter cause you both got them.

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