Saturday, June 27, 2009

WTF- Michael Jackson is Dead but Flavor Flav is Not?

The King of Pop, the Icon, the man. 

Michael "freakin" Jackson passed away early Thursday afternoon with hundreds and hundreds of adoring fans at the UCLA medical center where the singer was brought to  but he was D.O.A (Dead on arrival). 

In the same afternoon, we caught up to Flavor Flav-the old, washed up hip hop star. Now the washed up reality star, that still wears those stupid fuckin clocks around his neck. Hey, Flav, that style went out in the 90s. Maybe, Flavor should check his own clock because his time will come when we will mourn him. Yeah, right!

Michael Jackson passed away but we still have Flavor Flav- it's a sad day in Hell...

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