Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jodie Sweetin has a FULL HOUSE if you know what I mean...

I knew there was a reason I loved watching Full House.
It certainly wasn't for freakin Dave Coulier's(Joey) comical stylings.

Posted By Ryan


  1. Sadly jodie likes her meth, loves her meth. Who would have thought if you put all the girls from tanner family on a list and said one would find christ, one would find meth, and one would find billions of dollars that jodie would be poor and not with jesus

    Some where candice cameron thanbks jesus for not giving her boobs and meth and the olsens thank the all mighty dollar they can buy and sell jodie millions of times. In fact the olsens have enough money they can buy christ and jodie.....
    also you know u r fucked up when a JUDGE takes the kid away from the mother and gives to the father, like in 100 cases they give to the mom 97 times, how fucked up are you to be one of the three?

  2. I bet Jodie likes a Full Mouth.

  3. definitely grew some full tits. and im sure she likes other things full too.