Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For the Haters

You scumbags,
You dirtbags,
You sleazebags
you cocking sucking fags.

You are the reason why Britney went crazy,
       why we have one less Princess in the world
Why Paris is a slut and Lindsay steals jewelry.


You losers,
You murderers,
You takers,
You soul-takers.

You are the reason why the gas prices are getting higher,
       why children in Africa have no food and are getting slaughtered for no reason
Why North Korea keeps threatening the whole world for nuclear damnation.


You no job having bastards,
You retards, 
You lived in barnyards,
You have no regards.

You are the reason why I am stuck in this deadend job
         why my marriage is failing and my kids have no respect for me
Why friends are more successful than I am.


You fun loving sacks 
  of shits.

You laughing, giggling 

You brave, stupid, adventurous

Wild Men.

You are the reason...

Posted by Ryan

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