Friday, June 12, 2009

A Paparazzi Lifestyle


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words...but that's bullshit, cause some pictures are worth a lot more then that and most are worse a lot less.

A paparazzi is like a hitman for suburban moms, we hunt what they want. If moms want to see Megan Fox and call her a slut, then the horde descends on her. If they want to see if the new American Idol guy has a boyfriend, then that is our target. Some paps will shoot everything and anything. They are like mass murderers, anyone is a target, and in truth no one is that special.

But then there are the specialists, the true hunters, the ones who wait for that picture that is worth more then 1000 bucks......I am not this type.

When my phone used to ring at 5am it meant I had to go bail a friend out of jail, but now, now it means I have to go shoot someone. Pop quiz hotshot, if you werelying in bed with two girls and the phone rings and your boss wants you to go to LAX and shoot Paul Reubens what do you do?
Well if you do anything that takes you out of the bed then you are a fool, and since I had my birthday the day before, the beers, pot, coke, and well whatever else I could get into my blood were still fucking me up, Paul would have to wait.  One of the worst things is to go PAP when you are doing coke.

Coke is a hell of a drug, except it is not really the best paparazzi enhancement. Shaking of the camera is not usually encouraged, and after a full night bender I could was shaking so much I looked like I had freaking Parkinson's. Also, being in California it is hot to begin with, add the coke, and you end up sweating like fighter trying to make weight. So I didn't think Paul wanted to see a shaking, sweating pap waiting for him before his flight to DC.

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