Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bruce Lee Vs. Jackie Chan- Who would win?

ATTENTION: This is possibly the most important article on this blog that I will ever write or think about.
Who would win between Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee or movie specialist Jackie Chan, a superior martial artist himself, in a fight to death.
If you have lived under a rock or live in Alaska, you have watched and know about these two famous Asian people. 
Bruce Lee brought the first MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) forms to the United States and to mainstream the media. While, Mr. Chan brought death-defying stunts to the movie screen and possibly the best Asian buddy cop films ever made.
So, we are here to discuss who will be the master of who?
Will it be nunchaku-wielding bad ass or the drunken fighting monkey? 
This is why we were created, to answer all the hard questions...

Note: I spotted Jackie eating yogurt at Pinkberry the other day with friends. Please don't let this affect your decision on the fight/

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