Saturday, June 27, 2009

K-West Girlfriend can bring her Milkshake to my Yard

I love Hip Hop. I love Rap. I even love R & B music. I like all kinds of original music but lately music, lets face it, fuckin sucks right now.

Everything sounds the same and hip hop is dead as Nas called it. But the artist I feel that continues to kill the industry and I don't mean in a good way is the self titled "Louis Vutton Don" Kanye West. What happened to the cool badass names like Tech Nine, Mack 10, or Old Dirty Bastard. The nicknames are about purses or shoes.

This motherfucker has been killing and producing shit ass track ass for the last couple of years and everyone thinks that his a fucking genius. WTF!!!

The last time saw this douche bag was on a Paris runway show, showing off his silver shine suit. Which reminds me of other asshole to first killed the industry and killed a legend, Sean "Pussy" Combs. 

The only thing I like about Kanye West is his hot ass girlfriend, Amber Rose. I don't even have to say anything about her just look at the pictures.

Fuck Kanye!!!

Posted by Ryan